Variable Speed Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers

Product: Variable Speed Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers

“The VDR was the most efficient option available and eligible for rebates from our power company.”


variable speed cycling technology

Variable-speed cycling dryers save money when they’re running full load and save money when they’re not. To find out how much you can save, ask nano for a simple power study!

nano R6 VDR variable speed refrigerated air dryers

  • clean, dry compressed air at ISO class 4, 5 or 6 as necessary
  • saves energy by reducing refrigerant compressor speeds during reduced fl ow and under low temperature conditions
  • lowest pressure drop
  • steady, reliable pressure dew point
  • rebate-friendly

Saves Money!

In most applications, the air fl ow varies signifi cantly throughout the day reaching peak demand
only for a very short time. Often this demand can be close to zero overnight or during breaks.
The VDR matches its power consumption to the air fl ow demand providing optimal energy
savings vs other refrigeration dryer technologies. (example shown to right)
*For a 2650 scfm application with an electricity cost of $0.10 per kWh for a plant running 24/7,
the VDR dryer saves the company $13750 in electrical costs annually versus a direct expansion
dryer or $1166 versus a thermal mass dryer.



consistent dew point & low-pressure drop

  • heat exchanger with an integrated water separator with a unique design reduces pressure drop and adds to the high performance of the dryer, providing full protection against air condensation. No water in your compressed air system means extended life for your equipment.

optimum energy efficiency

  • lower electrical consumption from 0% to 100% duty cycle and low-pressure drop

easy to install space

saving design

  • thanks to the small footprint and its “all-in-one design” the VDR dryer is delivered ready for use and its installation is straightforward, minimizing costs and downtime

verified performance

  • designed in-house and tested according to ISO 7183:2007
Nano vsd dryer
410a refrigerant air dryer

robust construction

  • powder coated steel panels are corrosion resistant

total accessibility

  • all panels can be removed to facilitate maintenance

environmentally friendly

  • by using R410A refrigerant the nano VDR dryers are impressively efficient not only in terms of power consumption but also in terms of environmental friendliness. In addition to zero ozone depletion, the low amount of the R410A refrigerant results in ultimately low CO2 equivalent making VDR dryers one the most ecological refrigerant solution available on the market today

high-efficiency heat exchanger

  • the aluminum block heat exchanger provides optimal heat transfer leading to reduced energy consumption from refrigerant compressor
  • built-in high efficiency water separator prevents condensed water from leaving the heat exchanger
  • completely insulated to reduce thermal leakages
  • enhanced air-to-air section means more heat is taken from the compressed air before it enters the refrigerant evaporator so a lower energy refrigerant compressor can be used to dry the air

energy efficient and reliable rotary scroll compressors

  • sized for optimal performance across the full range of
    operational conditions it consumes an average of 30%
    less power than the reciprocating technology refrigerant
High efficiency heat
Digital microprocessor for air dryer

simple to use nano digital microprocessor

  • for complete control and operation of the unit. Provides unit
    performance details and sensor readouts.

electronic valves

  • compared to traditional mechanical type or solenoid valves, the VDR utilizes electronic hot gas by-pass and thermal expansion valves providing a new level of reliability and regulation efficiency. Smooth modular regulation results in a significant increase in the valve’s lifetime and provides the most efficient unit regulation and dew point stability.

zero air loss drain

  • dedicated drain with each heat exchanger

performance validated filtration

  • pre- and after-filter filter packages available to provide additional energy savings and improved air quality
Zero air loss drain for air dryer
hot, moist compressed air enters the separate air to air heat exchanger where it is precooled

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