About Us

Founded in 2015, A10 Compressed Air Services is a new breed of compressed air specialist, providing Atlas Copco air compressors, compressed air equipment, and service to customers throughout South Carolina.

A10 Compressed Air Services is headquartered in Greenville, SC but serves all of South Carolina. With more than 60 years of combined experience in compressed air services, our team has the skill to offer decisive, expert service that anticipates needs and provides consistent, committed care 24/7/365.

Mission Statement:

To deliver unbeatable “close air support” that provides the help you need, exactly when you need it.

What kind of support?

  • Business support: To meet and exceed all of our customers’ goals and expectations. To be the leader in customer communications and to exceed their expectations. To remain current on the latest technologies and products. To develop a team that competes at the highest level with real goals and expectations.
  • Industry support: To serve those in any industry, no matter the size or scale of their need for compressed air, blowers and vacuums.
  • Community support: To pledge the first 10% of our bottom line profits to support military families.
  • Employee supported: To provide employee financial opportunity, pride, and ownership in A10 and their community.
  • Environment support: To provide energy conservation opportunities to our clients through compressed air auditing, initial design consideration for plant air systems, and compressed air related oil and waste disposal.
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Why the Name A10?

We’re named after the A10 Warthog, the toughest and strongest close air support aircraft in the skies. The most iconic aircraft of its kind – and the best at what it does – the Warthog provides crucial support for ground troops. Its agility, accuracy and indestructible frame allows the A10 to fly in nearly any conditions and overcome even the toughest obstacles.

We want to be like the Warthog and will do whatever it takes to help you ensure your success. That’s why we are so committed to our mission: To deliver unbeatable “close air support” that provides the help you need, exactly when you need it. 

A10 warthog
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"We are going to leave you in a better situation than when we arrived."

"Billy" The Warthog

We’re named after the A10 Warthog, so while the plane is amazing – we wanted something more… fun. That is how our mascot was born. He can be found on our lobby wall, social media, playing in the warehouse, and on most, if not all, of our goodies that we give to our wonderful customers.

Meet Billy!

Full Name: William Warthog

Birthday: 10/01/2015

Likes: Foraging, compressed air, playing pranks, and long mud baths.

Billy the warthog

Service / Repair

Our Close Air Support is ready when you need it including scheduled maintenance.


Our team is ready to find the parts your struggling to source.


24/7 Emergency Support compressor and dryer rentals - 864.605.7792

Air Flow Audits

We can quickly isolate issues or find the source of your energy waste.