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CGD Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers by Champion

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F Series Refrigerated Air Dryers – Atlas Copco

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Hankinson Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers

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Hankinson Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers – HPRplus series

Nano R6 Variable Speed Air Dryer

Variable Speed Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers

What is a Refrigerated Air Dryer?

Compressed air passes through a refrigerant heat exchanger that cools the air off to a point about 35℉ and this condenses the water vapor and it is drained off. The dryer works in a manner that is similar to a traditional at home refrigerator.

A refrigerant dryer uses a refrigerant circuit and heat exchangers to cool compressed air so that it condenses the moisture in the air. They can provide a pressure dew point (PDP) as low as +37.4°F and consume no compressed air in the process.

Unlike direct expansion dryers which run continuously at full speed, the nano VDR’s variable speed refrigeration compressors only run at the speed required to dry your process air to the dew point set point of the dryer.

Dryer demand is a function of both required air flow and ambient conditions. Unless both of these variables are at their maximums at the same time, there are energy savings to the had. The R6 takes

advantage of this savings opportunity by significantly reducing power consumption to match actual demand.

How Does A Refrigerated Dryer Work?

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