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FX Refrigerant Air Dryers - Atlas Copco

To avoid condensation, compressed air must be dried. The Atlas Copco FX refrigerant dryer is a reliable, cost effective and easy to use solution. Available in 22 sizes (7-1236 l/s or 14-2516 cfm),the FX offers a pressure dew point as low as +3°C/+37.4 °F for a wide range of applications and industries. The dryer can be used at different pressures and consumes hardly any processed compressed air.

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Additional Details

Atlas Copco Quality Air

Why You Need Quality Air

Without air treatment, unwanted contaminants and particulates can make their way into an air system and have harmful side effects. Compressed air contains:

  • oil
  • solid particles
  • water vapors
Together, they form an abrasive, often acidic, oily sludge. This murky mix will enter the compressed air system, corroding pipe work, damaging pneumatic tools and potentially compromising final products


The Cost of Poor Quality Air

Untreated compressed air can cause substantial problems and costs:

• Your air tools have less power, more failures and, ultimately, a shorter lifetime.
• Materials and products that come into contact with untreated air run the risk of contamination or damage.
• Compressed air pipe work will corrode, leading to leaks. 

Standalone or Integrated

Separate dryer:
• Plug-and-play installation.
• Single electrical connection.
• All units pre-commissioned.
• Self-regulating.
• Pressure dew point display with high/low pressure dew point alarm and status of refrigerant, compressor and fan.

Full feature:
• Saves space when footprint is a priority.
• Compressor and air treatment
components are designed, built and tested to work together to provide optimal quality air.

FX Refrigerant Air Dryers: Quality Air Made Easy

Pressure Dew Point Precision

  • The FX comes in a wide range of sizes (7-1236 l/s or 14-2516 cfm) to offer a steady pressure dew point as low as +3 °C/+37.4 °F. Its easy to use digital display precision-measures and monitors the pressure dew point and dryer performance.

New Digital Display:

  • Exact measurement and monitoring of Pressure Dew Point
  • Up-to-date status of refrigerant compressor and fans
  • Failure and high/low pressure alarms
  • Service Warning


  • Built according to the high standards of Atlas Copco, the FX is made of high quality, generously sized components

Hot Environments

  • FX Range offers several High temperature models
  • Ensure dependability in temperatures up to 115 Degrees Fahrenheit 


Significant Cost Savings

  • Increased Reliability and Lifetime
  • Reduced pipe work leaks
  • Less equipment breakdowns and operation disturbances
  • Minimal chance of moisture damage

Technical Specifications

FX Refrigerant Dryers

ModelOutlet pressure dew point +5 °C/41 °F: Inlet capacity (l/s)Inlet Capacity (cfm)Pressure drop (bar)psiOutlet pressure dew point +3 °C/37 °F: Inlet capacity (I/s)Inlet Capacity (cfm)Pressure drop: barpsiMaximum working pressure: barpsiElectrical supplyLength (in)Width (in)Height (in)Weight (lb)Compressed air connections
FX 17140.22.886130.152.1816232115-230/1/60Hz19.6913.7819.06423/4” M
FX 212240.334.7910210.253.6316232115-230/1/60Hz19.6913.7819.06423/4” M
FX 316350.334.7914300.253.6316232115-230/1/60Hz19.6913.7819.06443/4” M
FX 423490.334.7920420.253.6316232115-230/1/60Hz19.6913.7819.06553/4” M
FX 535740.45.7530640.34.3516232115-230/1/60Hz19.6913.7819.06603/4” M
FX 645950.426.1439830.324.6413189115-230/1/60Hz19.6914.5731.651121” F
FX 7581220.57.29501060.385.5113189115-230/1/60Hz19.6914.5731.651121” F
FX 8691460.243.45601270.182.6113189115-230/1/60Hz22.0518.1132.641351 1/2” F
FX 9791670.334.79681440.253.6313189115-230/1/60Hz22.0518.1132.641501 1/2” F
FX 101002110.243.45871840.182.6113189115-230/1/60Hz22.0518.1132.641611 1/2” F
FX 111252640.263.841082290.22.913189230/1/60Hz22.0522.8336.971981 1/2” F
FX 121483130.365.181282710.273.9213189230/1/60Hz22.0522.8336.971981 1/2” F
FX 131924070.334.791673540.253.6313189460/3/60Hz35.3528.9439.452822” F
FX 142304880.45.82004240.34.3513189460/3/60Hz35.3528.9439.453222” F
FX 152886110.45.82505300.34.3513189460/3/60Hz35.3528.9439.453482” F
FX 163457310.45.83006360.34.3513189460/3/60Hz35.3528.9439.454082” F
FX 174248990.284.074008480.253.6313189460/3/60Hz42.5940.1561.417173” F
FX 1853011240.344.8950010600.34.3513189460/3/60Hz42.5940.1561.417393” F
FX 1961813100.395.758312360.355.0813189460/3/60Hz42.5940.1561.417723” F
FX 19.579516850,284.0775015270,253.6313189460/3/60Hz44,240.1561.41838Flanged DN 125
FX 2088318720.344.8983317660.34.3513189460/3/60Hz82.640.1561.411213Flanged DN 125
FX 21123625160.284.07116623740.253.6313189460/3/60Hz82.640.1561.411323Flanged DN 125

Optional Filters

ModelO.P.D.P. +5 °C/41 °F: Inlet capacity (cfm)FilterO.P.D.P. +3 °C/37 °F: Inlet capacity (cfm)Filter
FX 114UD9+13UD9+
FX 224UD15+21UD15+
FX 335UD15+30UD15+
FX 449UD25+42UD25+
FX 574UD45+64UD45+
FX 695UD45+83UD45+
FX 7122UD60+106UD60+
FX 8146UD100+127UD60+
FX 9167UD100+144UD100+
FX 10211UD100+184UD100+
FX 11264UD140+229UD140+
FX 12313UD180+271UD140+
FX 13407UD220+354UD180+
FX 14488UD310+424UD220+
FX 15611UD310+530UD310+
FX 16731UD425+636UD310+
FX 17899UD425+848UD425+
FX 181124UD550+1060UD550+
FX 191310UD850+1236UD850+
FX 19.51685UD850+1527UD850+
FX 201872UD850+1766UD850+
FX 212516UD1400+2374UD1400+

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