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CGD Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers by Champion

Product: CGD Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers by Champion

Refrigerated Global Design

CGD series refrigerated air dryers offer the perfect balance between technology and simplicity to dry compressed air systems to a stable ISO 8573-1 Air Quality, Class 4 to 5 pressure dew point.

Design Features

CGD 10–50 SCFM
  • Smooth bore, copper tube-on-tube heat exchangers
  • Centrifugal separator efficiently captures condensate
  • Static condenser design provides trouble-free, quiet operation
  • Electronic drain valve
Copper tube on tube heat
Copper “tube-on-tube” heat exchanger

CGD 75–1200 SCFM

  • Stainless steel, cross flow heat exchangers optimize heat transfer and service life
  • Compact design saves floor space
  • Stainless steel inlet/outlet connections to prevent corrosion
  • Timed electric condensate drain
  • Integral demister/separator
Stainless steel water separator
Stainless steel demister/separator

Value at its Best

Efficient Condensate Management

  • Increased calming zone and integral demister/separator captures liquid condensate and solid particles
    • – Effectively removes condensate from 0–100% flow conditions without moisture carry-over
  • Furnished with condensate drain
    • Electronic or timed electric (dependent on scfm range)

Safety First – Environmentally Friendly

  • Models 10–125 scfm CFC free R134A refrigerant
  • Models 150–1200 scfm R407C refrigerant
  • CSA approved

Warranty Protection

  • 2-Year Standard Warranty
  • 3-Year Extended Warranty
Champion air dryers cgd series transparent 3d

What's Inside?

  1. Fan motor and blade assembly
  2. Ruggead, epoxy coated cabinet
  3. Timed electric drain
  4. Controls—models shown are 200–500 scfm
  5. Stainless steel heat exchanger with integral demister separator
  6. Refrigerant compressor
  7. Constant expansion valve
  8. Air-cooled condenser core

Take Control

Models 10–150 SCFM

  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • Dew point temperature display to monitor inlet load conditions
Models 10 150 scfm air dryers controller

Models 10–150 SCFM

  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • LED dew point temperature display
  • EDV control
  • Dry alarm contact
  • Equipped with panel mounted drain timer control
Models 200 1200 scfm air dryers controller

International Air Quality Class Standards

ISO 8573-1, the international standard for compressed air quality, defines the amount of contamination permissible in compressed air. The ISO standard identifies three primary forms of contamination: solid particles, water and oil contaminants. These forms are classified and assigned to a quality class, ranging from Class 0 being the highest purity level to a Class 6, which is the most relaxed level.

Gardner Denver’s CGD series refrigerated air dryers provide dry compressed air at a stable ISO 8573-1 Air Quality Class 4 to 5 pressure dew point.

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