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Oil Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressors G Series - Atlas Copco

Our oil-injected rotary screw G compressors are powerful and reliable industrial screw compressors. Built from high-quality components and materials, they provide a reliable source of high-quality air in temperatures up to 46°C / 115°F.

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Additional Details

The ideal
"entry level"
small business air compressor

Atlas Copco compressors are legendary for their reliability and efficiency. That is why our G series has long been the preferred air solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The G 2-7, the G 7L-15, and the G 15L-22 simply check all the boxes.

Built-in reliability

  • Atlas Copco’s patented rotary screw element allows for
    continuous operation.
  • The complete unit is designed to run reliably at ambient
    temperatures of up to 46°C/115°F.

Top performance

  • Silent operation thanks to belt-driven element.
  • Full feature version available with integrated refrigerant
    dryer and filters.

Easy installation & maintenance

  • Available in multiple configurations – including floor or
    tank-mounted and with or without an integrated dryer.
  • Extremely small footprint and cooling air discharge from
    the top allow for placement against a wall or even in a
  • Main components, oil separator, and filter are easily

The robust and efficient compression element

  • Atlas Copco’s trusted rotary screw element offers high free
    air delivery and supreme reliability.

Quality Air Performance

Full Feature with built-in dryer

The Full Feature version comes with a built-in refrigerant air dryer. It cools the compressed air and removes any moisture before it can enter your compressed air network. This prevents rust in your compressed air piping and avoids damage to your air tools.

A choice of filters

To ensure your compressed air meets the quality requirements of a wide range of applications, different grade air filters can be selected:
• G 2-7: DD
• G 7L-15: DDx or PDx
• G 15L-22: DD or UD+


Available OptionsG 2-7G 2-7 FFG 7L-15G 7L-15 FFG 15L-22G 15L-22 FF
Integrated aftercoolerOptionalOptionalOptionalStandardStandardStandard
Water separator (shipped loose)NANAOptionalStandardOptionalStandard
Timer water drain on water separator (shipped loose)NANAOptionalNANANA
Timer drain on air receiver (tank-mounted only)OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalNAStandard
Electronic no loss water drain on water separator (shipped loose)NANAOptionalStandardOptionalOptional
Electronic no loss water drain on air receiver (tank-mounted only)OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Integrated filter kitNAOptionalNAOptionalNAOptional
500 l/125 gal air receiver (tank-mounted only)OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalStandardStandard
Tropical thermostatOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Anti-condensation kitOptionalOptionalNANANANA
Food-grade oilOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
RSXD oilOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

Zero hassle, Zero worries compressors

G 2-7

and efficient

  • Compared to piston compressors, the G 2-7 is quieter, cleaner, and more economical to own, while working longer hours.
  • The high-efficiency IE3 motor allows for 24/7 operation, even in temperatures up to 46°C.
  • The state-of-the-art rotary screw element minimizes energy use and operational costs.
  • Thanks to the low-vibration belt system, the G 2-7 is extremely quiet.

G 7L-15

Industry-leading performance

  • Thanks to load/no load control, the compressor controller switches automatically to the optimum control mode for high, low and intermittent air consumption.
  • Best-in-class performance, total reliability and low power consumption.

G 15L-22

The robust, economical compressor

  • Reliable performance with a 100% continuous duty cycle in up to 46°C/115°F ambient temperatures.
  • Extremely small footprint with possible placement against a wall or in a corner. Available in multiple configurations.
  • Premium connectivity with the Elektronikon Nano. Over-the-air updates ensure your G 15L-22 gets even better over time.

Technical Specifications

Compressor TypeMaximum Working PressureCapacity FADInstalled Motor PowerNoise level**Weight (kg/lbs)*
bar(e)psil/sm3/hCFMHPdB(A)PackFull Feature
G 281166.222.313.1361180/397205/452
G 481169.534.
G 5811613.849.729.27.565200/441225/496
G 7811617.061.236.01067210/463240/529
G 7L7.410721.176.044.71065250/551362/798
G 117.410728.6103.060.61569255/562365/805
G 157.410732.5117.068.92071260/573375/827
G 15L7.410744.0158.493.22067537/1184551/1215
G 187.410751.8186.5109.82569545/1202572/1261
G 227.410760.5217.8128.23070561/1237588/1296

* Tank-mounted variant.
** Floor-mounted variant.

  • Standard air receiver size, G 2-7: 200 l/53 gal & 2×90 l/24 gal, G 7L-15: 270 l/71 gal.
  • Unit performance measured according to ISO 1217, latest edition.
  • Mean noise level (pack variant) measured according to Pneurop/Cagi PN8NTC2 test code; tolerance 3 dB(A).


Floor Mounted Models

 D (mm)W (mm)H (mm)
G 2-7 Pack665620950
G 7L-15 Pack7208551090
G 15L-22 Pack83311801220
G 2-7 Full Feature6651015950
G 7L-15 Full Feature72012051090
G 15L-22 Full Feature83312801220
  • Dimensions of G 7L-15 tank-mounted are 650 x 1935 x 1463 mm (D x W x H) with a 500 l/125 gal vessel.

Tank-Mounted Models

 D (mm)W (mm)H (mm)
G 2-7 Pack66514301260
G 2-7 Pack 2x90l tanks78010001295
G 7L-15 Pack65016031337
G 15L-22 Pack83319211832
G 2-7 Full Feature66514301260
G 2-7 Full Feature 2x90l tanks78010001295
G 7L-15 Full Feature65016031337
G 15L-22 Full Feature83319211832

Service / Repair

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