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Upgrades to Remote Monitoring Systems

The concept of connected devices has technically been around for several decades. It wasn’t until the late 1990’s that the term – the Internet of Things (IoT) – was coined by Kevin Ashton of Procter & Gamble. Today, IoT is a huge buzzword that includes GPS-based location sensing, security cameras, cell phones and whole host of smart devices. Business Insider predicts there will be more than 24 billion IoT devices by 2020.

IoT devices extend into practically every industry imaginable – food and beverage, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automotive, etc. Within the compressed air industry, manufacturers rely on remote monitoring systems to keep track of their compressed equipment at all times. Sensors are placed on compressors to collect data related to maintenance and machine performance. With a the click of a mouse, users can access the online dashboard and the service log to get quotes for parts and additional service.

New remote monitoring features

Remote monitoring may not be a new technology, but these systems are constantly being optimized for a better user experience. Atlas Copco recently unveiled new monitoring possibilities with the Elektronikon Mk5 Graphic, which is equipped with graph functionality on the screen of the compressor controller. In one glance, users can see how the compressor has been operating in the configured timescale.

To learn more about optimized remote monitoring capabilities, reach out to an Atlas Copco expert for more information.

Text taken from Atlas Copco’s Compressed Air Blog. Copyright Atlas Copco. Used with permission.

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