Three Benefits of an Onsite Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen gas is a vital part of many industrial operations today, from laser cutting and metal processing to food packaging and preservation. Although nitrogen is in the air we breathe, it’s not that simple for companies to harvest it for everyday operations.

Nitrogen generator a10 air greenville scCompanies essentially have two options: generate their own nitrogen onsite or pay for bulk nitrogen delivery. Although the capital investment of a nitrogen generator can be intimidating at first, it’s a far smarter business decision than delivery.

Here’s why:

Cost Savings

Even though the capital investment for onsite nitrogen generation can seem high, businesses can see a full return on investment in as little as 9-24 months.

Operational costs can be as little as $0.11/hundred cubic feet each year after the initial investment compared to as much as $3.00/hundred cubic feet for nitrogen delivery. Add in other costs tacked onto delivery invoices and it’s easy to see why onsite generation is the most cost-effective option.

Energy Efficiency

Producing liquid nitrogen for delivery uses a large amount of electric energy. Converting nitrogen to gas once it’s been delivered uses even more energy. Add this to the energy costs of diesel fuel and carbon emissions from transportation, and you’re left with a great deal of energy waste.

On the other hand, an Atlas Copco nitrogen generator with PSA technology reduces energy consumption by 50% when integrated with an energy-efficient compressed air network.


A safe work environment is every business’ top priority. When companies switch from liquid nitrogen delivery to onsite nitrogen generation, they eliminate the risks of work injury associated with nitrogen leaks and exposure, creating a safer work environment.

An effective solution

Atlas Copco’s PSA nitrogen generators from A10 Compressed Air Services provide a cost-effective, reliable and secure supply of nitrogen for any industry. With low operating costs and high energy efficiency, these generators are the perfect option for your nitrogen needs. For more information, call (864) 605-7792.

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