Hot Weather & Air Compressors

Warm weather is on its way – and in the south, it can be downright blazing. We all know that our machines are not always fond of the high temperatures. Plus, with the addition of humidity, condensate in the air can cause a strain on performance. Now your air compressor is running hot. That is why it is important to prepare now, before the warmer months make you worry about your air compressor instead of your products.

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Clean Air and Oil Filters – 
Your vehicle gets better gas mileage when it has clean filters and the same holds true for your air compressor; a compressor runs cooler and uses less energy when air filters are clean. Dirty, clogged filters can lead to pressure drops, which causes the compressor to run at higher levels to accommodate the demand. Filter performance can also be affected by additional moisture, so it’s important to follow regular maintenance schedules and add supplementary checks for seasonal changes.

Check Ventilation
We all breathe a little easier with increased airflow and so do our machines. Just like air and oil filters require some extra attention in the summer, it’s important to check the compressor room and adjust ventilation and airflow as needed. This is also a good opportunity to check for pollen and other air contaminants that are more prevalent in the spring months to ensure the ventilation is clean and clear before the heat of the summer arrives.

Check Drains – 
Higher humidity in the summer causes more condensate to come out of the drains. Make sure drains are clear and in working order so they can handle the increased flow. Because the condensate is sometimes mixed with compressor oil, the water should be treated before being released directly into the drain. Check the treatment units’ filters and separation tanks to make sure they are still operational. It is a good idea to have a replacement service kit nearby to eliminate any downtime during maintenance.

Clean Coolers – 
Imagine running in the summer heat with a sweater on; it is going to impact the way you sweat and how your body regulates its temperature. The same is true for your air compressor. Blocked or clogged coolers can cause an air compressor to overheat on hot summer days. Get ahead of this before it becomes a problem by making sure coolers are clean before the heat hits.

Tweak Water Cooling Systems
On water-cooled compressors, adjust the temperature of the water entering the system to compensate for increased ambient temperatures and to ensure that it is adequate for summer conditions.

Original list is from Atlas Copco, 2020. Edited for A10 Compressed Air Services, 2021.

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