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Variable Speed Drive Compressors, also known as VSDs, use an adaptive drive system that constantly alters the motor speed to match the necessary output required of the system. When the pressure in the air tank drops below a certain value, the VSD motor will run at full speed until the pressure increases. Once it reaches the necessary threshold, the rate of the mower lowers to provide a constraint air pressure. And when demand increases the motor will increase again. VSD compressors provide lower starting currents, energy savings, and consistent plant pressure, and even work to help your system last longer. These compressors have lower starting currents due to the way the motor ramps up when it comes online. Rather than go from no load to completely loaded, the VSD uses a much lower current when starting up. This also contributed to energy consumption along with the machines’ ability to match supply to demand and have minimized wasted energy during operation. The change in production also contributes to the ability to have a constant plant pressure within 10-30 PSI of the intended pressure at all times. These machines operate at variable speeds in order to reduce the amount of energy and wasted energy from running a fixed-speed compressor when demand is low or having to consistently stop and restart the machine. The ability to operate smoothly at different pressures also will increase the longevity of the system as it does not have to work at maximum capacity at all times.

Z 55-900 VSD : Oil-free Air- and Water-cooled Rotary Screw Air Compressors, 55-935 kW / 75-1253 hp

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