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Mist eliminators separate mist from a gas stream to recover valuable products, improve emissions, protect downstream equipment, and improve product purity. Sometimes when air is being compressed the condensate can come into contact with the flowing gas and cause the liquid to form a mist. This can be detrimental to the production process and having water vapor and liquid downstream is not beneficial to the health of the system.    Mist eliminators are implemented to collect and remove vapor and water droplets from the air stream. Air passes through the eliminator and the water is pulled from the stream once it is captured by the demister pad, where it coalesces until gravity takes hold and it falls into the drainage area where it can be removed or recovered.   Mist eliminators are built and designed to remove air emissions that become mist droplets. They can be formed from oil, machine coolant, chromic acid, sulfuric acid, and other entrained products that could become mists. These particles are caught in a composite mesh or vane plate surface to separate them from the air stream by preventing them from continuing to move with the air. Through the use of a large surface area on a small volume, the mist and vapor can be collected without a significant drop in pressure.
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