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AirStation (R Series) by Champion Pneumatics

Product: AirStation (R Series) by Champion Pneumatics

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Champion compressors are proven units, known for their reliability over decades of use. We know our products and understand how they operate in many different operating environments. No matter the application, Champion gets the job done.

We Provide the Total Package

Champion has expanded on it’s already cutting-edge technology to provide the first reciprocating air compressor AirStation to the marketplace.

The Oil Lubricated Reciprocating (Piston) Air Compressors R Series – Champion Pneumatics, have a time-tested, proven design. Rugged standard features, a wide selection of configurations, and premium quality available options make the R-Series compressors the solution to your application. Delivering high performance, long life and tremendous value— Champion compressors are the proven choice!

What does this mean?

What this means is that a select number of R-Series simplex packages will have the option to have a Champion Refrigerated XCNC Series dryer mounted to the package, which is referred to as an AirStation.

Benefits to the R-Series AirStation

■ Complete plug-and-play system
■ Compact design and footprint—less space needed for a complete system
■ Less plumbing needed due to the removal of needing a standalone dryer
■ All the above = more money saved!
■ 3-way bypass valve and X-Series GP filter included with the dryer


It's All In the R-Series Air Compressor Details

Oil Lubricated Reciprocating (Piston) Air Compressors R Series - Champion Pneumatics

Multi-Finned Cylinders

Cooler operating temperatures result in longer life and consistent performance over time.

Pressure Relief Valves

Located in interstage and discharge.

Oversized Main Bearings

Tapered roller-type main bearings provide full contact and support of the crankshaft plus deliver the longest possible life.

Integral Cylinder/Head

Gasketless design eliminates the
possibility of blown head gaskets
for trouble-free operation.

Large Capacity Crankcase

Rugged cast iron oil reservoir has convenient sight gauge glass, corner oil fill boss and large oil drain.

Balanced Crankshaft

Constructed of rugged ductile iron with large diameter throws for minimum bearing loads and large counterweights to minimize vibration.

Balanced Pistons

Aluminum alloy first-stage piston and cast iron second-stage piston ensure proper balance.


Large diameter finned tubing is positioned to obtain the greatest cooling effect between stages for maximum compressor efficiency.

Loadless Starting

Mechanical governor-type centrifugal unloader assures longer motor life by allowing the compressor to start unloaded every time.

Piston Rings

Two high efficient lap joint compression rings with bi-directional seal provide the most efficient air delivery.

Optimized Cooling Fan/ Flywheel

Precision balanced flywheel has fan blades for optimum compressor cooling and life.

Lightweight Connecting Rods

High-density, die-cast aluminum alloy rods minimize reciprocating weight. An integral, precisionbored crankpin bearing and needle bearing for the wrist pin minimize friction and properly distribute loads for extremely long life.

Champion r seriers infographic

Convenience & Peace of Mind

Oil Lubricated Reciprocating (Piston) Air Compressors R Series - Champion Pneumatics

Standard Warranty

3 year warranty champion air compressorThe standard warranty covers parts and labor on the package components for one year and three years on the compressor pump.

The Champion philosophy ensures long-lasting, reliable equipment. Our warranty program demonstrates our confidence in our products. Each new Champion assembled unit has a 3 year warranty on the compressor pump against defects in materials of workmanship under normal use and service.

* See standard warranty form BU-32 for complete standard warranty details.

Premium Extended Warranty

6 year warranty champion air compressorPurchase a Premium Warranty Kit at the same time as your new Champion
compressor package to receive extended warranty protection. This offer
will double the coverage with an additional 3 years of warranty on the
compressor pump (parts & labor) providing 6 YEARS of worry free
coverage. The Premium Extended Warranty also provides an extra
12 months coverage on the package for a total of 24 months. See
Premium Warranty form BU-28 for complete extended warranty details.

  • Premium Warranty kit has all necessary service items (oil & filters) for 6 years of annual maintenance.
  • Duplex machines require two kits, one for each pump.
  • The use of approved Champion lubricants are required to maintain the extended warranty period.


Xcnc series dryer

About the Dryer

Champion Refrigerated XCNC Series Dryers make providing continuous dry air as easy as piping a self-contained unit into your compressed air supply line. Corrosion-resistant heat exchangers, an enhanced control-system and high-efficiency moisture-separation ensure a steady long-term supply of dry air. This virtually eliminates cost due to ruined product finishes, scrapped materials or replacement of pneumatic tools and manufacturing equipment destroyed by wet air.

Lower Pressure Options

Champion also offers an 80 PSI setting for all of our R-Series packages, regardless of if a mounted dryer is selected or not. This 80 PSI option is perfect for Climate Control applications.

Dryer Technical Specifications

ModelInlet FlowVoltageConnectionsRefrigerantDimensionsWeight
XCNC1111 cfm115/1/603/8" FNPTR-134A16 x 12 x 1640
XCNC2525 cfm115/1/601/2" FNPTR-134A18 x 16 x 1860
XCNC32 32 cfm115/1/601/2" FNPTR-134A18 x 16 x 1862
XCNC4242 cfm115/1/601/2" FNPTR-134A18 x 16 x 1862
XCNC6464 cfm115/1/603/4" FNPTR-134A22 x 16 x 2177

Air Station Models

R Series Models that support the AirStation Configuration

2-5 HP


7.5 HP


10-15 HP


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