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BAP12-142(+) Series – Breathing Air Purifier

Product: BAP12-142(+) Series - Breathing Air Purifier
High quality air is of vital importance to many industries but even more so in breathing air applications. Atlas Copco BAP/BAP+ Breathing Air Purifiers are designed to offer protection against a range of contaminants that may be present in a compressed air fed breathing air system. These include fumes, oil, vapors, gases, solid particles and micro-organisms. Complying with International Breathing Air standards, the BAP/BAP+ Breathing Air Purifier range assures a safe working environment in a wide range of applications.

Assured purity

Our BAP(+) takes air from any type of compressor and converts it into ultra clean breathing quality air.

Peace of mind in real life conditions

We test and subject our BAP(+) to maximum concentrations reported by governments worldwide.

Bap air plant zt compressor


The breathing air purifier is fitted with a patented purge nozzle design with multiple orifice sizes*, enabling the purge rate to be adjusted to suit customer requirement, instead of delivering a set of fixed nozzles.

Compact operation

Through clever component positioning, the BAP/BAP+ fits into any space or setting. It comes pre-assembled and ready for use, ensuring minimal installation time and cost.

Energy efficiency

The BAP/BAP+ series incorporates state-of-the-art energy management control with built-in purge control* as standard (optionally on the BAP series). The purge saver stops the purge flow when the dew point level remains low, leading to a more efficient use of energy.

International compliance

Our breathing air purifier complies with a wide range of standards and regulations, such as OSHA Grade D, CSA Z180.1-00, CGA G7.1-1997, EN 12021, BS 4275, ISO 14971, OHSAS 18001, European Pharmacopeia and other International Breathing Air Standards.

6 steps for breathing air filtration
  • (1) (2) A water separator for free water removal together with a fine and coarse coalescing filter, removes oil aerosol to less than 0.01 mg/m³.
  • (3) A heatless desiccant dryer reduces moisture content to a pressure dew point of -40°C/-40°F, removing any risk of condensation, bacteria and mold growth.
  • (4) (5) A dual cleaning stage includes activated carbon to eliminate hydrocarbons (oil vapor, smells, etc.). A catalyst then converts CO into CO2.
  • (6) A bacterial filter at the exit removes bacteria and particles that may have been introduced in the desiccant stages with a count efficiency of 99.99%.

Choose the best fit for your requirement

BAP with basic controller

  • Easy-to-use LED screen
    Microcontroller based design
  • Dual voltage Device (115-230V)
  • Alarm outputs to indicate solenoid faults, power faults, and service intervals


BAP+ with advanced
Elektronikon® controller

  • 3,5” high definition display
  • Standard purge control for up to 90% energy savings
  • Alarms and warnings on PDP, net pressure and service
  • Service warning indications for desiccant, catalyst, filters and water drains
  • Pressure sensor on outlet for full control over the dryer’s performance
.931" NPT38x27x20251
HPRP1251251.281" NPT38x27x20273
HPRP1501501.31" NPT38x27x20279
1.261.5" NPT38x27x20425
HPRP2502501.961.5" NPT39x34x32463
HPRP3003002.01.5" NPT45x32x32527
HPRP4004002.032" NPT45x32x32571
2.682.5" NPT58x35x42684
HPRP6006003.242.5" NPT58x35x42691
HPRP7507504.322.5" NPT58x35x42734
6.133" FLG85x49x411146
HPRP125012507.254" FLG85x49x511521
HPRP150015009.474" FLG85x49x511547
HPRP1750175011.366" FLG85x55x601940
HPRP1750175011.366" FLG85x55x601940
HPRP2000200011.526" FLG85x55x601986
HPRP2500250015.036" FLG85x55x602315
HPRP3000300019.616" FLG85x55x602646

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