CD+ Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers

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Cd 160 desiccant air dryer
Elektronikon desiccant air dryer

Atlas Copco’s CD+ Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers protect your systems and processes. Their robust design ensures they operate with total reliability and deliver a constant, stable dew point in full load conditions and even during a temporary overload. The result is dry and clean compressed air for a broad range of industrial applications. Technological innovations ensure that this air is produced reliably and cost-effectively. Our CD+ dryers are available in a range of sizes with a guaranteed dew point down to -40°C/-40°F (optionally -70°C/-100°F), and come in an IP54 protected cubicle.

Capacity FAD (cfm): 2.1- 2968 cfm
Working pressure: 100 – 203 psig
Pressuer Dewpoint -40°F & -100°F

Customer Benefits

High Reliability – Atlas Copco’s CD+ desiccant dryers eliminate system failures, production downtime and costly repairs by removing moisture from compressed air with a pressure dew point as low as -70°C/-100°F. Up to 30% desiccant overfill and the long lifetime of the desiccant further enhance reliability.

Maximum Energy Savings – CD+ dryers incorporate energy-saving features that cut your carbon footprint. A low pressure drop below 0.2 bar/2.9 psi drives down energy costs. Dew point sensing and control adapts the energy consumption to the real load of the dryer.

Easy Installation – Your CD+ dryer is delivered ready for use with silencers, sensors and the control unit already wired and connected.

Advanced Control and Monitoring – The advanced Elektronikon® control and monitoring system takes continuous care of your CD+ dryer to ensure optimal efficiency.

Minimum Maintenance – All internal components are easily accessible to facilitate maintenance. The use of high-grade desiccant and durable valves extends maintenance intervals beyond the standard three years.

Durability – A proven, rugged design for the switching valves, the most important moving components in the dryer, significantly improves the lifetime of your CD+ dryer.

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