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Oil Lubricated Aluminum Piston Air Compressors L Range - Atlas Copco

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Additional Details


  • Dependable flow of compressed air directly to the point of use.
  • High-quality materials for premium performance and long life.
  • Limited number of working parts ensures performance in extreme conditions.


  • Very wide range of working pressures with a maximum of 300 bar (4353 psi)
  • Compact installation.
  • Available in oil-free as well as lubricated versions.
  • Stand-alone use or easy integration in your process.

Low Operating Cost

  • Simple maintenance thanks to easily accessible parts.
  • Direct drive technology offers major energy savings compared to belt-driven compressors.
  • One-bearing motor reduces mechanical friction.

Features and Benefits

An Atlas Copco LE/LT compressor is your high-performance industrial air solution. The 10-bar LE and the 15/20/30-bar LT generate quality air at the lowest operating temperatures in the industry and with minimal oil carryover. Their proven design and quality materials deliver premium operation and an extra long life.

Premium reliability

  • A unique, robust design and quality materials ensure an extended product life.
  • The fan designed for optimal cooling of the air flow also balances the compressor for reduced vibration.

Low running costs

  • Use of highly durable components for improved performance.
  • Start-stop system instead of load-unload.

Easy maintenance

  • All components and service points are easily accessible.


The LE/LT compressor block is directly coupled to the motor and is built with lightweight materials. This provides excellent cooling and smooth integration in small spaces.

Options (Tailored To Your Needs)

Heavy Duty FilterOptionalOptional
Interstate Drain--Optional
Timer DrainOptionalOptional
CD dryer*OptionalOptional
Hour meter**OptionalOptional
Oil Level SwitchOptionalOptional
Auto restartOptionalOptional
HP Filter----

** Maximum 15 bar.
* Only DOL 230/50 and 400/50.

Technical Specifications

Oil-Free: LE Series

Single-stage reciprocating compressor with a maximum pressure of 10 bar (145 psi).

Compressor TypeMax Working Pressure (bar)Max Working Pressure (psig)FAD @ 60 HZ (l/s)FAD @ 60 HZ (m3/min)FAD @ 60 HZ (cfm)HPUnsilenced decibelsBase-Mounted, silenced decibels
LE 2-10101453.9.238.3278/8063/65
LE 3-10101455.1.3110.8379/8164/66
LE 5-10101459.7.5820.65.579/8164/66
LE 7-101014513.6.8228.27.580/8268/70
LE 10-101014518.21.0438.61081/8168/69
LE 15-101014528.71.760.81589/9078/78
LE 20-101014537.22.2678.82088/8976/78

Oil-Free: LT Series

Two-stage reciprocating compressor with a maximum pressure of 15, 20 or 30 bar (218, 290 or 435 psi).

Compressor TypeMax Working Pressure (bar)Max Working Pressure (psig)FAD @ 60 HZ (l/s)FAD @ 60 HZ (m3/min)FAD @ 60 HZ (cfm)HPUnsilenced decibelsBase-Mounted, silenced decibels
LT 2-15152183.6.227.6278/8063/65
LT 3-15152184.7.2810379/8164/66
LT 5-15152187.9.4716.75.579/8164/66
LT 7-151521810.9.6523.17.580/8168/70
LT 10-1515218---1.581/--68
LT 2-20202902.
LT 3-20202903.6.227.6479/8164/66
LT 5-20202906.3.3813.35.579/8164/66
LT 7-20202908.4.517.87.580/8268/70
LT 10-202029013.6.8228.81081/8368/70
LT 15-202029017.71.0637.51586/8975/83
LT 20-202029020.91.2544.32086/8878/81
LT 3-30304353.1.196.6379/8164/66
LT 5-30304355.5.3311.75.579/8164/66
LT 7-30304358.48177.580/8268/70
LT 10-3030435---1081/--68/-
LT 15-303043511.1.6723.51585/8976/85
LT 20-303043519.71.1841.72086/8880/83

Service / Repair

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