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QD+ Series High-performance oil vapor filtration By Atlas Copco

Product: QD+ Series High-performance oil vapor filtration By Atlas Copco
Qd series oil vapor filtration

High-performance oil vapor filters

QD+ filters efficiently reduce hydrocarbons, odors and oil vapor in your compressed air to protect your investment, equipment and processes. The macro-structured activated carbon will reduce the residual oil content through adsorption to less than 0.003 mg/m³. The pressure drop is low and remains constant during the lifetime of the filter.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum oil vapor removal – The macro-structured activated carbon is specifically designed to efficiently and completely remove oil vapors from compressed air with minimal dust release.
  • Minimal operating costs – Low pressure losses thanks to an optimal flow design.
  • Low-cost maintenance – Ribbed housing ensures easy removal of the filter bowl. The push-in element and drain connection were designed for effortless replacement. The service indicator shows (preventive) maintenance alerts.
Particulate sizes infographic for air filtration

Advanced filtration technology

Untreated compressed air can be contaminated by dust, water and oil. This makes filtration a crucial component of your air system. Atlas Copco has developed filtration solutions that protect your air-powered tools, your processes, and your final products. Our extensive
offer includes different filter types and a range of purity grades to meet your specific requirements.

Atlas Copco filters remove the smallest contaminants, including sand, salt and sugar grains; black carbon; rust; cement and paint particles; asbestos; and bacteria and viruses.

Filtration technology matters if you need constant air quality with low maintenance requirements. Over the years, Atlas Copco has innovated filter types, design, processes and media to give you best-in-class performance, reliability and lifetime.

Oil coalescence filters with patented Nautilus technology

Compressor element lubrication and your compressor installation itself can release oil aerosols and wet dust in your air system. DD+, PD+ and UD+ filters efficiently remove these contaminants to protect your equipment and your processes. These innovative filtration solutions are engineered to cost-effectively provide the best air purity and meet today’s increasingly stringent quality requirements.


Your benefits:

  • Maximum oil aerosol, wet dust and water droplet filtration and drainage – High efficiency glass fiber Nautilus technology ensures a low pressure drop.
  • Patented drainage technology – A coarse 3D-structured layer/barrier provides efficient oil drainage and prevents re-entry of oil droplets into the air stream.
  • Minimal operating costs – Optimal design and filter technology allow for low pressure losses.
  • Cost-saving maintenance – Ribbed housing ensures easy removal of the filter bowl. The push-in element and drain connection were designed for effortless replacement. The service indicator shows (preventive) maintenance alerts.


  • External wiring kit for smart indicator (alarm/power supply).
    Interconnection kit.
  • Wall mounting kit.
  • EWD including connection kit.
Service indicator

To ensure constant air quality, the service indicator
allows for an easy check of the filter’s running hours,
differential pressure, and maintenance status. It can
even send a remote alert.

Element top cap

The top cap guides the air flow optimally into the
cartridge and to the outlet to reduce pressure drop and
Filtration technologies the overall energy use of the filter

Anodized aluminum housing with powder coating to maximize corrosion protection
Element bottom cap (UD+, PD+ & DD+)

A patented drainage system facilitates the removal of oil from the filter
element, eliminating the “wet band” at the bottom of the element that
can compromise filter performance and lifetime.

Strong and durable stainless-steel cylinders

The inPASS™ bypass.

Until now, servicing a filter involved shutting down the entire compressed air system or installing 3-valve bypasses around every filter. The inPASS™  re-directs the air through the filter head during maintenance, allowing for safe filter cartridge replacement without interruption of the airflow. This means there is no need to install extra piping around the filters or halt production maintenance. As a result, the inPASS™ saves customers on both installation and operational costs by allowing quick, seamless service.

Air filter bypass

Atlas Copco’s filters are certified to meet the following ISO standards:

• ISO 8573-1:2010: Compressed air – Contaminants and purity classes
• ISO 8573-2:2018: Compressed air – Test method for oil aerosol content
• ISO 8573-4:2019: Compressed air – Test method for particles
• ISO 8573-5: 2001: Compressed air – Test method for oil vapor and organic solvent content
• ISO 12500-1:2007: Filters for compressed air – Test methods – Oil aerosols
• ISO 12500-2:2007: Filters for compressed air – Test methods – Oil vapors
• ISO 12500-3:2009: Filters for compressed air – Test methods – Particulates

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