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The Best 75 HP Air Compressor For Rent is the GA55+

The GA55+ is the Next Air Compressor You Need

When you are looking for a rental, especially when you need a 75 HP air compressor for rent, reliability and effectiveness are primary concerns when it comes to finding the right fit. The GA55+ has now landed at A10; This is only one unit in our new line of rentals and they are known for exceeding expectations. Few compare to the Atlas Copco standard and this batch is no exception when it comes to reliability. Our customers can rest assured that their rental will keep them going without any more problems and the GA55+ 75 HP Air Compressor for rent delivers that peace of mind, thanks to its Industry-Leading Performance.

Rentals Made Reliably

The GA55+-125 comes from Atlas Copco’s line of Rotary Screw compressors with an emphasis on sustainability, reliability, and performance. The GA series was crafted with extra attention devoted to efficiency and durability in the harshest of environments. Anyone who uses this machine will have industry-leading Free Air Delivery, especially in comparison to a different 75 HP air compressor for rent. Whether it be a short-term rental or a long-term investment for your business. Energy efficiency with the GA55+ is almost palpable as nearly every component from the motor to the integrated dryer use less energy in comparison to their peers, boasting energy efficiency ratings as high as 50% in comparison to their competition and predecessors.

Temperatures are highly regulated to provide the best combination of efficiency and effectiveness available. This helps the machine to keep operating with a 354.4 CFM while at a full load operating pressure of 125 PSI. Not only is this machine effective and reliable, but it is also working to prolong its own lifespan with the internal air quality being so pure. From the moment the air passes through the intake filter, it is 99.9% cleaner while also maintaining a differential inlet pressure allowing for maintenance to become easier while avoiding a large pressure drop during maintenance.

Efficiency has a New Standard

When it comes to a 75 HP air compressor for rent, the GA55+ stands above the rest for more than a few factors that contribute to its reliability and energy efficiency. It comes standard with a maintenance-free drive system that is completely enclosed to prevent contamination from dirt and dust which works alongside the NEOS drive inverter to ensure its success in harsh environments. These two pieces of equipment help the compressor easily reach 75HP and to maintain that level of power output.

The compressor comes with an Elektronikon® Monitor to allow worry-free operation with the integrated smart algorithms to reduce pressure on the system and allow you to monitor your system from afar even when you aren’t there in person. When you are looking for a high power, 75 HP air compressor for rent, that allows you to monitor your system without being in the room, the GA Series is for you.

Not only are the electronics impressive, but the motor is as well with a nominal efficiency of 94.2 percent. Fitted with IE3/ NEMA Premium Efficiency electrical motors gives this unit a leg above others as it is designed for continuous use in environments where other compressors may fail. With an Isentropic Efficiency of 80.9% production in the harshest environments doesn’t pose any worries, as the machine will live up to its standard.

Independently Impressive, Exceeding Expectations Together

Not only is the central compressor impressive on this unit, but the additional components stored in the canopy take this 75 HP air compressor for rent to a different level than it’s competition. Top quality air is ensured thanks to the cohesion of all the internal components:

  • Separate oversized oil cooler and aftercooler
  • Low temperature oil outlet
  • Top-notch filters
  • Electronic no-loss water drain
  • Manual condensate removal bypass
  • Elektronikon® warnings and alarms

To ensure that the air coming out is top quality, the interior includes a mix of different components to provide nearly 100% condensate removal, as well as eliminating the possibility of thermal shocks. Alongside the filter, the electronic no-loss water drain keeps the machine running well by ensuring constant removal of condensate in the machine. The drain also has a manual bypass for condensate removal amid a power outage and has been integrated with the Elektronikon® to provide warnings and alarms in case the drain were to fail. When you are renting a machine you want to have a compressor you can trust. The GA55+ is the 75 HP air compressor for rent that you can trust.

Your Next Rental is Found at A10

Whether you are looking for a long-term investment or just a quick rental, the GA Series should be at the top of your list. With models to cover all air utility needs from 10HP all the way up to 200HP available, the GA series is going to give you the most efficiency and peace of mind. If you need to rent a 75 HP air compressor, consider us at A10. The next time your system goes down and getting a quick and efficient rental is what you need to do, trust A10 to get your business up and running.


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