Five Cost-Saving Benefits of a VSD Air Compressor

Imagine an air compressor so efficient that it only uses the energy it needs, when it’s needed. That’s the idea behind Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressors. Instead of running full speed or not at all, like a traditional compressor, VSD air compressors automatically adjust their motor speed to the air demand.

There’s one obvious benefit: you pay only for the energy your application requires, which reduces facility-wide energy consumption and yields huge savings. But that’s not all you can gain from a VSD compressor.

Check out four other key advantages:


  1. Improved production

VSD compressors allow motors to operate at peak efficiency, which means less time wasted, fewer mistakes and reduced production cost. These result in increased production and throughput.


  1. Prolonged equipment life

Because a VSD compressor ensures that a machine only runs when it needs to, equipment is protected from under/over voltage, electro-thermal overloads and unnecessary wear and tear. Also, VSDs allow motors to start more smoothly, which removes the shock of instant starts.


  1. Reduced downtime

Because VSD-controlled machines operate more efficiently, they malfunction less frequently and require less maintenance-related downtime. This boosts production and profitability.


  1. Enhanced cost savings

You’re not the only one who would like to reduce energy usage – your utility company would you to, as well. That’s because it’s expensive for them to generate power, especially when it’s in high demand. To encourage energy efficiency, many utility companies have begun offering rebates for customers who run high-usage equipment at off-peak times. In addition, businesses with energy efficient practices and machinery are eligible for certain tax breaks, providing even greater savings.



At A10 Compressed Air Services, we offer a wide range of Atlas Copco VSD air compressors for a variety of applications. A smart investment, these compressors often pay for themselves in a matter of months through significant reductions in energy costs. To learn how a VSD compressor could benefit your company, call us at (864) 605-7792.



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