Atlas Copco ZL VSD oil-free lobe blower

Enhanced Low Pressure Blower Increases Cost Effectiveness and Reliability

Lobe blowers have long been a perfect match for harsh environments due to its reliability and limited need for supervision. They can operate in high-ambient temperatures or high altitudes without issue through use of its cooling system and integrated safety and start-up valve.

Atlas Copco recently introduced an enhanced version of the ZL VSD oil-free lobe blower, available in a variety of configurable models:

  • Purely mechanical unit using dial gauges for pressure reading
  • High-end solution with integrated VSD inverter and Elektronikon® controller

The blower’s positive displacement principle has been a reliable and cost effective solution for low pressure applications, including pneumatic transport, wastewater treatment and chemical applications in demanding environments. They can be installed wherever needed, whether it’s close to the technology or even outdoors.

ZL VSD design benefits

  • Traditional design –Tri-lobe element with traditionally selected strong bearing and gear set.
  • Cool canopy – Forced ventilation keeps the internal temperature of the canopy close to ambient temperature.
  • Durable outlet connection – Integrated compensator with flange provides structural decoupling and installation alignment. Its stainless steel material provides a long lasting solution.
  • User-friendly operation and installation – VSD unit with integrated controller and frequency converter comes as plug-and-play package.
  • Superior unit protection – Installed sensors constantly monitor pressure and temperature. The safety and start-up function is integrated into the PVO valve, ensuring that pressure is always under control and that each blower start is smooth.
  • Maintenance free belt tensioning – Motor weight automatic belt tensioning eliminates belt creeping and keeps transmission efficiency high for entire belt lifetime.

Text taken from Atlas Copco’s Compressed Air Blog. Copyright Atlas Copco. Used with permission.

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