Is Your Air as Clean as You Think?

We all know that clean air is good and polluted air is bad. But what exactly are the markers that define high- or low-quality air? While each industry has its own unique standards and requirements for air quality, there are three major elements that nobody wants to see in their air.



Particulates can include dirt, debris, dust, pollen or even small bits of metal that travel in ambient air, rusted pipes or pieces of industrial equipment. When they enter the compressed air system, especially in food service or pharmaceuticals, they can severely damage the end product and even be a health hazard.



Similar to particulates, lubricants can be suspended in ambient air or in the compressed air system itself. These are introduced into the compressed air system via motor exhaust, facility operations or the compressor itself. When lubricants are present in compressed air, they can pollute the air, damage machinery and contaminate products.



While some might not think of moisture as an air pollutant, it can be one of compressed air’s worst enemies. A high level of moisture causes condensate, which affects system performance and contributes to the growth of mold and bacteria, allowing dangerous pathogens to develop. For many industries, especially food and pharmaceuticals, dry air is absolutely critical for a quality final product.


Now, for the million-dollar question: how do you keep these three air quality enemies from your compressed air system? First, invest in proper filtration and drying equipment, which can remove the bulk of particulates and liquids from compressed air. Another key is to ensure that your equipment is well-maintained and properly cared for, especially pipes and machinery, so that they don’t break down and introduce harmful particulates and lubricants into the air.


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