A10 Compressed Air Services Introduces Preventative Maintenance Plans

At A10 Compressed Air Services, our mission is “close air support” – to serve each customer with comprehensive, responsive care. To help us fulfill our purpose, we’re excited to introduce our enhanced preventative maintenance plans.

These plans go above and beyond typical service plans. They’re designed not just to solve issues, but to track performance over time to provide valuable performance data and predict the ongoing reliability of your system. Our preventative maintenance plans include the tools, resources and methodologies that will ensure that your equipment operates at the highest quality standards.

A10 currently offers five different plans, designed to meet a wide variety of service needs:

IP (Inspection Plan)

This plan includes periodic inspection/diagnostic visits. A Total Air Capability Test (T.A.C.T.) visit is optional.

PP (Parts Plan)

Designed for customers who perform their own maintenance, this plan includes only the parts for preventive maintenance. (T.A.C.T. visit optional.)

MP (Maintenance Plan)

This plan includes the parts for preventive maintenance as well as the labor to perform these services. T.A.C.T. visit included.

EW (Extended Warranty Plan)

Designed for new Atlas Copco units only, this plan provides all preventative maintenance work based on factory maintenance recommendations and keeps the unit under a 5-year extended warranty program. The 5-year program includes extended warranty on major components (parts only). T.A.C.T. visit included.

TAS (Total Air Support)

This is our comprehensive, bumper-to-bumper plan for new Atlas Copco units.  All maintenance and repairs are covered at no additional cost.  We take on full responsibility to maintain the unit.

  • Fixed Cost: No surprises
  • Risk Avoidance:  Your pain is our pain
  • Increased Reliability:  Minimize downtime
  • Reduced Administrative Costs:  All part orders are covered
  • Predictive Monitoring:  A scheduled change out will prevent unscheduled production downtime
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Provided by A10 factory certified technicians
  • Expanded Maintenance Capabilities:  The focus of your maintenance team can be shifted to areas of production

For more information about our preventative maintenance plans, call 864-605-7792.

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