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3 Steps to Minimize Compressed Air Costs

Compressed air is one of the most important utilities for numerous industries, but it’s also a large consumer of energy. Any savings made in compressed air systems can have a significant impact on costs and the environment.

Help minimize compressed air costs by doing the following:

  1. Analyze your installation

Have your compressed air manufacturer pre-asses your installation and make a rough calculation of energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions you can reduce.

  1. Optimize your energy consumption

One method to reduce your plant’s overall energy consumption is by recovering the rejected heat and reusing it in your production cycle. Heat recovery can be used to preheat your water supply using a hot water boiler or heating radiators. Another way to optimize your compressor installation is through the use of a central control system. A central controller links all compressors and dryers to lower the overall pressure band and eliminate the need for a higher working pressure.

  1. Monitor your installation

Remote monitoring systems offer complete insight into your compressed air production. Not only does it control and confirm savings solutions, it also helps predict potential problems. The system continuously keeps track of production changes and informs you on future improvements.

Text taken from Atlas Copco’s Compressed Air Blog. Copyright Atlas Copco. Used with permission.

Compressed Air Audits at A10 Compressed Air Services

Your compressed air system is one of your most critical utilities. Just like electricity or gas, your facility needs compressed air in order to run. And if your air compressor system isn’t operating at peak performance, neither will your facility.

If you seek to lower your energy costs and operate more efficiently, give A10 a call. Whether you operate a large facility or a smaller operation, A10’s auditing solutions can help you cash-in on real savings.

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