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Specialty Custom Packaged Air Systems

For alternative compressed air applications, A-10 Compressed Air Services provides a comprehensive line of products from Universal Air & Gas Products Corp. (UAPC). A specialist in air and gas compressor, filtration and drying systems for more than 40 years, UAPC provides complete air system design and piping and compressor installation for your compressed air needs.

In addition to compressor systems, UAPC produces a full line of electrostatic precipitators for ambient, indoor air pollution control. Manufactured with state-of-the-art, high-quality components, equipment from UAPC boosts the operations of industrial, commercial and residential customers worldwide.

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Systems & Components

ProductDescriptionAdditional Information
Alternate Fuels Compression Systems and Components

We provide turnkey, alternate fuels system design and construction including gas compression, storage, dispensing, regulation and controls from UAPC. These applications include process, inert and synthetic gas systems, and breathing, medical and sterile air applications built to virtually any global standard. Details
Natural Gas (NGV) Refueling Stations and Component Systems

Our comprehensive service capability includes consulting, station design and engineering, in-house CAD design, standard or customized compression packages, state of the art fuel dispensing systems, aSME and DOT gas storage systems, card readers and construction management.

Medical Vacuum, Blower Systems and Components

We offer a full line of standard medical, pharmaceutical or industrial compressed air, vacuum and blower systems, including standard build per NFPA-99 or customized design. With years of experience and a reputation for reliability, we can accommodate virtually any system.

Air Compressor, Booster Systems and Components

Designed to match virtually every compressor application, products include a complete line of compressors, boosters and air systems, aftercoolers, dryers, filters, ASME tanks, vacuum pumps, bowers, lubricants, high pressure, low pressure, 0-1500 CFM, compact, and with or without wheels.

Gas Compressor, Booster Systems and Components

We provide a full line of gas compressors, ranging in discharge pressure from vacuum to 6000 psig and able to accommodate air, inert gases, fuel gases and many process gas. Products include ambient intake and booster compressers, available in both lubricated and non-lubricated and rotary and reciprocating designs.

Breathing Air Compressor Systems and Components

Breathing air compressor systems come in two designs: low pressure and high pressure. Our low pressure systems provide OSHA, CGA and NFPA recognized, Grade-D or higher quality breathing air at a pressure ranging from 60-200 psig. Our high pressure systems, primarily designed to recharge SCBA or SCUBA tanks, include associated controls and filtration, large capacity storage and containment fill stations.

Fire Services Compressor Systems and Components

Our MAKO-designed product range includes ISO-certified breathing air compressor systems, air storage systems and SCBA refilling stations to meet the critical requirements of the municipal fire market.

Mobile Air Trailer

Primarily designed for fire and emergency service organizations, our product line is fully customizable and First Response Emergency certified. Our trailers include a quiet room, power tongue jack, ramp door, awning and removable lights, and can be modified to meet your department’s unique specifications.

Filtration, Drying Systems, Process Water Chillers and Components

Customized for biogas, hydrogen, syngas, landfill, digester and wastewater treatment applications, our drying systems are designed to handle discharge pressures as high as 6000 psig. We also provide cartridge dryers and filtration manifolds for NGV refueling stations, desiccant compressed dryers, UAPC filtration systems, particulate and coalescing air filters with accessories and air-cooled and water-cooled chillers.

Air, Gas and Water Piping Systems

We provide a variety of custom field services, including compressed air or gas system installation, maintenance, repair, overhaul or reconfiguration. In addition, piping system design and installation, certified welding service, air system audits, leak detection, gas monitoring devices and controls, custom fabrication services and turn-key conversion of your equipment from NEC NEMA 1, 4 or 12 to NEMA 7 hazardous environment code compliant are all available.

Rental and Used Compressor Systems

In addition to commonly used 125 psig, diesel driven compressors, we maintain a large fleet of high pressure rental compressors from 200 psig to 6,000 psig, available through UAPC. Rentals are also available for water cooled and air cooled high pressure compressors.


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Indoor Air Quality Products (IAQ)

ProductDescriptionAdditional Information
Residential PrecipitatorsWe offer residential deluxe precipitators at 2 1/2 ton through 5 ton units, as well as slimline precipitators at 2 1/2 ton through 4 ton units.

Commercial Precipitators

Our full line of commercial precipitators range in capacity from 3 ton through 40 ton units and are in-duct with integral spray wash.

Industrial Precipitators

Our in-duct, integral spray wash precipitators are built with galvanized cabinet structures and can be customized to fit your application. Capacities range from 3 ton to 40 ton units.

Self-Contained Precipitators

Our self-contained precipitators come with integral blower and motor assembly and are available in single or two-tier configurations with sizes ranging from 800-CFM to 6000-CFM.



Government Grade Compressor Systems

UAPC’s breathing air equipment, inhalator devices, respiratory protection products and related support items are approved by the U.S. General Services Administration. To place an order, call A-10 Compressed Air Services at (864) 605-7792 or