A10 Supports a Purple Heart

A10 Compressed Air Services is proud to serve our nation’s veterans. This week, A10 President Jervey Inglesby and about a dozen other volunteers worked with Purple Heart Homes to build a 60 feet-long wheelchair ramp for wounded veteran Carl Murphy. Purple Heart Homes is a charity group founded in 2008 by John Gallina and Dale […]

We Have a Winner!

  Folks, we appreciate everyone’s participation in the Name the Warthog Contest. We received so many great name suggestions. You’ve all supplied much fun with this process. We narrowed it down to a few great names and are proud to have finally named our hog, “Big Billy.” In the end, the choice had much to do […]

How to Choose the Right Air Compressor

We find the best options (we offer free air audits) to fit your air compressor needs, so you can focus on production. But, let’s break it down for you.

Is Your Air as Clean as You Think?

We all know that clean air is good and polluted air is bad. But what exactly are the markers that define high- or low-quality air? While each industry has its own unique standards and requirements for air quality, there are three major elements that nobody wants to see in their air.

Service with a Heart

At A10 Compressed Air Services, supporting military veterans and their families is one of our core values. That’s why we were honored to participate in a recent construction project for Operation: Veteran Home Renovation, presented by Purple Heart Homes.

Five Cost-Saving Benefits of a VSD Air Compressor

Imagine an air compressor so efficient that it only uses the energy it needs, when it’s needed. That’s the idea behind Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressors. Instead of running full speed or not at all, like a traditional compressor, VSD air compressors automatically adjust their motor speed to the air demand.

Why Should You Get a Compressed Air System Audit?

For most people, the word “audit” is like something from a nightmare. But when it comes to your compressed air system, an audit can actually be one of your most helpful tools. Done properly, it can reveal inefficiencies in your system that you didn’t even know existed, and ultimately, save you money.

Three Benefits of an Onsite Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen gas is a vital part of many industrial operations today, from laser cutting and metal processing to food packaging and preservation. Although nitrogen is in the air we breathe, it’s not that simple for companies to harvest it for everyday operations.

How to Calculate the Life Cycle Cost of an Air Compressor

When it comes to buying a new air compressor, many buyers focus on finding the best price. But if this is the only factor you consider, you’ll likely end up with a compressor that isn’t well suited to your particular application, leading to increased maintenance and inefficient operations.

New Faces at A10 Compressed Air Services

A10 Compressed Air Services is excited to introduce two recent additions to our team. Talented, energetic and extremely capable, they are already a huge asset to the company. Read on to get to know them better: