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XD+ Heat of Compression Desiccant Dryers

XD 4500 ZP Zero purge Heat of compression reactivated adsorption dryers


Atlas Copco’s XD+ Heat of Compression Desiccant Dryers are designed for outstanding industrial performance and a long lifetime of reliable operation. They eliminate moisture completely before it can cause any damage to your compressed air net or production equipment. XD+ dryers use heat of compression for the regeneration of the desiccant, and the G variant might use some extra electrical power to increase the performance of the dryers. The XD+ dryers do not consume any compressed air — not during the heating process and not during the cooling process.

Capacity FAD (cfm): 1166 – 7630 cfm
Working pressure: 100 – 203 psig
Pressure Dewpoint -40 °F

Customer benefits

High Reliability – XD+ dryers eliminate system failures, production downtime and costly repairs by removing moisture from compressed air with a pressure dew point as low as -70°C/-100°F. Up to 30% desiccant overfill and the long lifetime of the desiccant further enhance reliability.

Maximum Energy Savings – XD+ dryers incorporate energy-saving features that cut your carbon footprint. A low pressure drop below 0.5bar/7psi drives down energy costs. Dew point sensing and control adapts the energy consumption to the real load of the dryer.

Easy Installation – Your XD+ dryer is delivered ready for use with heaters (depending on the variant), sensors and the control unit already wired and connected.

Advanced Control and Monitoring – The advanced Elektronikon® control and monitoring system gives clear indication of dryer status, operation cycle and alarms. It includes alarms for low inlet pressure, heater and valve operation, plus limit switches, pressure and temperature sensors.

Minimum Maintenance – All internal components are easily accessible to facilitate maintenance. The use of high-grade desiccant and high-quality valves extends maintenance intervals beyond three years.

Durability – A proven rugged design for the cooler and the switching valves, the most important moving components in the dryer, significantly improves the lifetime of your XD+ dryer.

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