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Activated Carbon Filters

QDT: Activated Carbon Filter Tower, 42-657 cfm

QDT Compressed air filter with UD+ and DDp+

QDT 60, activated carbon filter

QDT Compressed Air Filter

In the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, electronic and other industries where air purity is critical, you often need to remove residual oil vapors and odors from the compressed air supply. That is exactly what Atlas Copco’s high-efficiency Activated Carbon Filter does. The QDT activated carbon towers will, through the process of adsorption, reduce the residual oil content to lower than 0.003 mg/m³ at 35°C/95°F and 7 bar inlet pressure. The pressure drop is low and stays minimal during the lifetime of the filter. Only an activated carbon tower is able to provide Class 1 clean air in accordance with ISO 8573-1.

Customer Benefits

Maximum Oil Vapor Removal

Pressure Drop Stays Low

Highest Reliability

Easy Maintenance

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