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Condensate Drains

A10 offers a variety of high-quality timed condensate drains to protect your downstream equipment from destructive liquid condensate. Our drains are built to support virtually any industrial compressed air or gas application.

EWD range - electronic water drains

Atlas Copco
EWD Drains

EWD electronically controlled condensate drains provide safe, reliable and cost-effective condensate management.

EWD drains require minimal maintenance while offering high reliability, energy savings, and flexible installation.

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Drain-All’s extensive line of patented “zero-loss” condensate traps nicely complemented Control Devices’ existing product line, contributing energy-saving, performance-improving functionality to many compressed air and compressed gas system applications.

Drain-All’s Condensate Handler has become an industry standard for purging water from compressed air systems in a highly efficient and energy-saving way, and the same patented design has been modified to accommodate a variety of non-standard applications including high and low-pressure environments, high temperatures, and high concentrations of rust or other solids.

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A10 Compressed Air Services provides a full range of Atlas Copco air compressors, vacuum pumps, filtration systems, receiver tanks and more for companies in South Carolina. For more information, Call (864) 605-7792 or email